When matching a wedding dress with a necklace, it's essential to consider the dress's neckline. The necklace's style should complement the dress's neckline rather than clash or overpower it. For example, a simple Diamond pendant hanging in a V-shape would look stunning if the wedding dress had a V-neckline. A statement necklace may overwhelm the neckline and detract from the overall look. 

A necklace may not be necessary if the wedding dress has a high neckline, such as a boat neck or halter. However, if you want to add a necklace, a delicate choker or a simple Platinum Pendant that sits above the neckline would be the best choice.

For strapless wedding dresses, consider a statement necklace that sits on the collarbone. This necklace will add interest to the neckline and draw the eye upward.

Ultimately, the key to matching a wedding dress with a necklace is to keep it simple and elegant. The necklace should enhance the beauty of the dress rather than overpower it.

Which Necklace is Best for The Bride in their Traditional Attire?

Gold and diamond necklaces are popular options when choosing the best necklace for a bride in their traditional attire. However, the choice ultimately depends on the bride's personal preferences, the style of her traditional attire, and the overall wedding theme.

Gold necklaces are a timeless and classic choice for traditional weddings. They come in various designs and styles, including simple chains, delicate pendants, and intricate statement pieces. Gold necklaces are versatile and can complement traditional attire, be it a saree, lehenga, or salwar kameez. They also come in different shades, including yellow, white, and rose gold, providing more options for brides.

On the other hand, Diamond Tennis Necklaces are a luxurious and elegant choice for brides who want to make a statement. They add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any traditional attire. Diamond Necklaces come in different styles, including chokers, bib necklaces, and pendant necklaces. They also vary in diamond size, color, and cut, allowing brides to choose the perfect diamond Necklace for Women that complements their traditional attire and overall wedding theme.

Which Type of Necklace is Popular Among Men?

There are several types of necklaces that are popular among men, but the most commonly worn ones are chain necklaces. Chain necklaces are simple, versatile, and can be worn with various outfits, making them a favorite of many men. They come in different sizes, styles, and materials, including gold, silver, stainless steel, and leather. The thickness of the chain can vary depending on personal preference, but a thin chain is generally preferred for a more subtle look. Some men like to add Sterling Silver Pendants or charms to their chain necklaces to make them more unique and personal.

Other types of necklaces popular among men include dog tag necklaces, which have a military-inspired design and can be personalized with engraved text, and beaded necklaces, which are often worn as a statement piece and can add a pop of color to an outfit. Overall, the type of Pendants for Men a man chooses to wear depends on his personal style and preference.


In conclusion, both gold and diamond necklaces are excellent choices for brides in their traditional attire. The ultimate decision depends on the bride's preference and wedding theme. Whether a bride chooses a gold or diamond necklace, she is sure to look stunning on her big day.